Michigan Lake & Stream Associations

Michigan Lake and Stream Associations

The MLSA is the mother of all the lake Associations in Michigan. PBWOA pays a very modest fee to them to be a member of MLSA. The MLSA publishes the Riparian Magazine at http://www.mi-riparian.org/ You can also help MLSA provide the leadership for Water Quality, that the DEQ can no longer give, by becoming a personal member of MLSA by completing the form you can find HERE and also become a member of their Legal arm in Lansing at the Michigan Waterfront Alliance by completing the form found HERE. Here is a link of the MLSA that provides very useful information to Riparian Owners http://mymlsa.org/

TOURISM:  People are attracted to the Landscape views that abound in all parts of the state, especially along the shores of the Great Lakes. The number of water falls in the UP exceeds 150, and each one has something unique. It cannot be said that once you have seen one, you have seen them all. The mountains and rocks ridges of the UP together with the millions of acres of federal and state forest with their lakes and rivers draw many tourists to this state. There are over 11,000 lakes five acres or more in size in the state. These lakes normally abound in bluegills, perch, smallmouth and largemouth bass, sunfish and crappie. Other lakes have walleye, northern pike, muskies and other predatory fish.

MISSION: Encourages and supports all efforts by citizens of the State to maintain swimable and fishable waters and to prevent the contamination of surface and groundwater resources.

OFFICES: Main office in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Corporation history and records are kept at this office. Files of water laws and court cases are filed here.The northern office is located at 8511 Kokosing Road, Long Lake, Michigan. This is the location of five computers that are continually serving the corporation. The billing and record keeping of individual and association membership is kept here. The MLSA Newsletter is coordinated and mailed from this office. CLMP is carried out from this office.

BROCHURES: ML&SA has produced a number of one page brochures to cover topics of interest to riparian property owners. Some of those brochures are entitled as follows:

  • Are you observing the 100-foot rule?
  • Aquatic Nuisance Handbook
  • Controlling Aquatic Plants in Michigan
  • Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program
  • Lake Water Quality
  • Riparian Rights
  • Township Powers, etc

BOARD: Michigan Lake & Stream Associations is managed and controlled by a Board of Directors from 15 Regions of the state plus two Directors at large. Directors are elected by lake association members from each Region.

ANNUAL CONFERENCE: ML&SA holds a 2 ½ day annual conference the last week of April each year. Professors from colleges and universities, together with experts in water law and water resources are requested to present topics of interest to waterfront property owners and the general public. Between 30-35 speakers volunteer to assist in presenting topics of lake and stream problems and solutions.

RESOURCES: Michigan borders on four of the five Great Lakes and has some 36,000 miles of rivers and streams that attract some 10 million tourists each year. Snowmobiling, skiing, and ice fishing attract many visitors during the winter season. The summer season brings fisherman to all parts of the state who spend over 750 million dollars in pursuing their favorite species. Join the fight to keep invasive Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes! Recreational fishing is a major industry in Michigan.