2021 Annual Meeting Documents

This Zoom meeting was recorded.  A link to the recording will be provided as soon as it is available.

Proposed Agenda

  1. Call to Order. Brief Announcements and Introduction of Board Members
  2. Welcome and comments by the President – Mark Teicher
  3. Chain of Lakes Improvement Project – Representative of Washtenaw County Water Resource Commission and Public Works.
  4. Marine Safety Patrol. Washtenaw County Sheriff
  5. Election Results for PBWOA Board for 2021
  6. Approval of 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes- LINK:2020 Annual Meeting Minutes
  7. Treasurer’s Report – LINK: 2020-2021 Treasurers Report
  8. MIchigan Lakes and Streams Executive Director Melissa DeSimone
  9. Education, Clean Boats-Clean Waters, Boat Wash
  10. Natural Shorelines
  11. Wake Boats
  12. WaterTesting (CLMP)
  13. PBWOA Photo Contest with Prizes
  14. Closing Comments and Questions