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Water Quality

» Huron River Watershed Council paper on PFAs in the Huron

In addition to the “Do Not Eat Fish” advisory, the Department of Health has advised avoiding the foam that sometimes appears on shorelines. In particular, do not let dogs touch the foam since they may later groom themselves and thus have a greater risk of ingesting unsafe concentrations of PFAS.

» 2016 Algae Problem

» DNR Shoreline Improvement Program

» Take a Survey to Rate Your Shoreland

For many years, PBWOA contracted with Dr. Wally Fusilier to do studies of the water quality and other features of our area lakes. When Wally retired in 2010, we searched for another means with which we could continue our water quality studies. In 2014 we began participating in Cooperative Lakes Management Program (CLMP) in which volunteers from our membership are trained to make water quality measurements and the results are reported and compiled by CLMP. Links to those results are below:

» 2017

» 2016

» 2015

» 2014

» Historical data from Wally’s studies


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