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Potentially Toxic Algal Bloom

From Livingston County Health Department and Washtenaw County Water Resources:

We were made aware of a potential harmful algal bloom on the north shoreline of Baseline Lake and the northern end of Portage Lake. Initial screening tests indicate some presence of toxins. As a precaution avoid swimming in those areas and keep pets out of the water. More information is contained in the attached informational brochure. This could be a common occurrence throughout the summer, so awareness from boaters/swimmers is key to prevent possible exposure to toxins.

For more information about Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs): www.michigan.gov/habs

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Harmful Algal Blooms

* * * Press Release – New Portage Lake Natural Shorelines

May is American Wetlands Month and the PBWOA is celebrating the preservation of 8 acres of wetlands and 2,500 feet of natural shoreline by board member Craig Kivi. Craig has been working for almost two years on the acquisition of this natural shoreline and wetlands on Portage Lake near Mud Bay and at the North end of the lake. We also celebrate Craig’s perseverance in this effort.

The properties have been dedicated as the Louis P. Kivi Natural Shoreline Preserve in honor of Craig’s father and the Norman A Wood Natural Shoreline Preserve, in honor of Craig’s great grandfather, curator, 1911 University of Michigan Museum of Natural History. Both men were past residents of Portage Lake.

Also, both Preserves have received the Gold Level Shoreline Stewardship Award from the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership. The PBWOA has designated funds for this effort, as they see the value of preserving natural shorelines and wetlands that are so vital to the health of our waters and wildlife. What a great way to celebrate May as American Wetlands Month.