European Frog-bit Webinar

Learn How to Spot Frog-bit and How to Eradicate it.
Virtual Public Meeting, December 10 at 7pm

If you live on or near water, or enjoy boating locally, you should know about European frog-bit.

European Frog BIt

European frog-bit is an invasive aquatic plant that can form dense mats on the surface of slow-moving waters. Mats of European frog-bit can impede boat traffic and alter food and habitat for ducks and fish. Prolific growth of aquatic invasive plants like European frog-bit can also reduce oxygen and light in the water column.

Join our virtual public meeting to learn how to identify European frog-bit and what survey efforts are taking place in Southwest Oakland County.


Presented by Oakland County CISMA, Clinton River Watershed Council, Friends of the Rouge, and Huron River Watershed Council.