Largemouth Bass (Micropterus Salmoides)

lm_bassLargemouth Bass are heavily-bodied fish, mostly around a weight of about 2.2 pounds, and as an adult, males are usually no more than forty inches long while females are usually no more than fifty-six.  They have a dark stripe on the side of their body, as well as a notch between their two dorsal fins, and as the name promotes, a large mouth!

These bass like shallow, clear, and quite water that is usually no deeper than 8.5 feet, though sometimes these fish have been known to occupy deeper waters.  The most important thing is that there is abundant vegetation in the water, as it allows them to hide from their prey, and is some protection against predators.  They breed in the spring, the time determined by the temperature of the water.  Then the male constructs a nest, usually a crude one, and the female swims near and lays her eggs.  The male then guards the eggs until they hatch.  Male and females reach sexual maturity at different ages, males at three to four months of age, females at four to five.

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