Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens)

perch_36470_7Yellow Perch’s average adult length is 4-10 inches, with a weight of 4-10 ounces.  Though the fish breed extremely well, population density and habit productivity control the fish’s growth and size, meaning a lot of perch in one area means stunted offspring that may never exceed a length of six inches.  They reach sexual maturity depending on the genders, males at 3 years old, and females at 4.  They spawn in the spring, laying their eggs over dense vegetation, roots, and trees that have fallen in shallow water.

Perch often travel in schools and are mostly caught in shallow waters, though usually not any deeper than thirty feet.  However, during the spring and fall seasons, they tend to inhabit shallower waters and feed during the day, while in the middle of summer they seem to be deeper and only feed during the mornings and evenings.  At night though, in any season, they appear to rest on the sandy bottom and refrain from eating.  When they do eat though, they munch on immature insects and larger invertebrates, including crayfish, and other fish’s eggs and young.  Bass, Walleye, and Northern Pike are all predators and a danger to the yellow perch.

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